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Factory/OEM speaker plug

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I believe my speaker plug (the female end that plugs into the speaker) is going out. Anyone know where I can get a replacement for it? I’ve searched a good while and I can only find the aftermarket adapters for aftermarket speakers.
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Which speaker and what do you mean by going out? Speaker connectors don't normally wear out.
The door speaker connectors are made by Delphi. They are part number 13699622. You can find them on Mouser. It looks like they are 42 cents each. You would also need to pay shipping.

This is just the connector without the terminal pins. You would also need to find the correct pins to crimp onto the wires. According to the datasheet on Mouser they are part number 13526678. You would need 2 of these. It looks like they are 12 cents each. You would also need to find a crimping tool that would work. You could probably get one on Amazon for a good price. Or, you could just solder the wires to the pins.

You can contact Mouser to confirm all of this.

GM only sells the full door wire harness, not just the connectors. You would need to find the correct door wiring harness for your car. The parts department at your dealership could help you find the correct part number.

Another option would be to find a connector at a junkyard.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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