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I just pulled my plugs the other day, to see what they look like, and up the gap to .030. Getting way more power now, and boost has gone up. I bought the car at 18,000 Km's, so it didn't really need touching but I figured I'd look anyways. It surprised me to find that all of the plugs came out at .020 gap, when that's a lot smaller than what even GM specs for the plugs. What happened there?
2011-13 gaps weren't checked and plugs just tost in as is pretty much on assembly.

Wait you are a 2015 the PO or dealer may have done that to you. I had a new coil pack and plugs put in my car they had my gaps not to far from what you had. I ended up swapping plugs and gapping them what you did until I got tuned. gaps went back down to 0.028 then.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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