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Factory Service Manual - 3 volume set $100

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I sold my Cruze so I no longer need the set of official 3 volume factory service manual I bought. This cost me $200. The manuals are for the 2011 model year but I think 99% of the info would apply to any first generation Cruze. My price is $100 and I will pay shipping in the US or give a $25 discount for a local pickup in central Arkansas.

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Hmmm... tempting. I need to kick this idea around for a minute.

Congrats on the Camaro btw.
Are those the books from Helm Publications? If they were for 2012 I wouldve bought them. Anyone with a 11 this is a great buy if its a Helm book.
I think I bought them from Helms but the inside cover says "Published by General Motors". In total there must be around 3,000 pages total in the set. To clarify, the picture shows three different books that each cover a different area of the car. The $100 price includes all 3 books. I'll pay for shipping in the US.
That is a great price and I would jump at it except I don't think I'll be keeping my car long enough to put them to good use. Anyway, here's a bump for a great deal!
I see you can download it on YouTube and all over the web. I want this
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Sup EDDY , I know you won't read this , but that is a 2009 edition !

Still have the 3 volume set available.
OK - no response on Cruzetalk so I've listed it on the Little Rock Craigslist if anyone in central Arkansas is interested. Price for local pickup is $50.
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