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Fading fuel economy

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I find that I'm having a hard time keeping my fuel economy above 40mpg. At least according to the DIC. Commute is 90% highway, about 20mi, and I drive like an old man. Each tank seems to be a little lower. The only thing I can figure is that it's been quite hot and I'm running the AC full blast. Is that really enough to have that big of an impact on fuel economy or should I bring this up at my first oil change? Only 3k mi on the odometer right now.
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40 mpg Highway on a diesel? That doesn't sound right at all.

2014 Gen I 2.0 diesel with 68,000 miles, I just drove 250 miles across the California desert today in 105 degree heat and AC blasting, recorded 51.1 mpg at 60 mph (would've been better if not for a 15 mph headwind).

Even if I was doing 70-75, mileage would've been about 45-46 mpg. While AC does load the motor and reduces fuel efficiency, I've found (on the Gen 1 diesel anyway) AC doesn't have as much impact as wind, terrain and city driving.
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