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FE without modding

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Most guys on this forum talk about their Tune/Intakes and their FE. Well I am going to play devils advocate here and discuss how I am doing with FE on my 2012 Eco without any mods. I do have a K&N drop in filter, new plugs gapped at .035 and only running 87 octane. I have been watching my MPG go up little by little as I typically only do city driving with little highway time. My last fill up with 87 was 34.2 MPG with @ 90% city driving. When I run 93 octane I notice my car idles a little rough and my MPG is not as good as with the 87. The way I drive is a big contributor to my MPG. I usually shift as few times as possible and cruise along in 6th gear. I shift 1-2-3-6. Depending on traffic I may spend some time in 4 but not too long. FWIW this car running 87 w/o a tune or intake seems to "fill my bill". You can watch my fuelly that is @32.3 for mainly city @ 4 above EPA rated. This Eco by far is my best automotive choice in a long time.