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February '17 COTM Winner: MClatterbuck

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Title: That White and Black Cruze
Name: Matthew Clatterbuck
Location: Southwest, Virginia, United States
Car info: 2015 Chevy Cruze LTZ RS
Stock options: Xm, leather, backup camera, sunroof
Mods: Window tint, k&n short ram intake, BNR tune, the "infamous" FK coils, husky floor liners, aftermarket headlights, aftermarket tails, all led or hid lights (interior & exterior), ez Lip pro, zzp gauge pillar with glow shift boost and afr, aftermarket shift knob, sickspeed spiked lug nuts, painted interior trim pieces, stubby antenna, I'm forgetting something I'm sure.


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Congrats on the win! That looks like some of the countryside near where I used to go to school (Blacksburg).
Congratulations @MClatterbuck !
Congrats to you @MClatterbuck ! :th_dblthumb2:
Yeah Blacksburg is about 2 hours away. It too far. Love it up there!
Congrats! Looks awesome. I'm in SW VA also.

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Congrats. COTM badge awarded.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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