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Is this car worth $17,000?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 70.0%
  • No

    Votes: 3 30.0%
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Price drop.... $17,500

This car has...

2011 Chevy Cruze ECO 1.4T 6-speed manual - Black

21,000 miles on cluster

Cruise Control
Fog Lights

3M Window tint on all windows
HID headlamps 6000k
HID Foglamps 3000k
LED License Plate Lights
ZZP O2 Housing ($300)
ZZP Midpipe ($300)
ZZP Front Mount Intercooler ($800)
Injen Intake ($250)
Trifecta Tune ($300 updates will require you purchase the tune from trifecta)
Trifecta Cable ($150)
Eibach Springs ($215)
Black badge overlays
WeatherTech All Season Mats (installed since day 1, carpet is mint)
Carbon fiber overlays on various exterior bits
Plasti dip'd ECO rims

I love this car. Hate to sell it. Had a recent job change along with a chance to pick up a specific car I have wanted for a bit of time...

Always used Mobill 1 in it reguarly. Tires rotated according to maintance schedule. This was my commuter car for the past year. I averaged in the mid 40's all last fall, upper 30's all winter and back in the 40's now that summer is coming around. Best average on a takn was a business trip to Indianapolis and back, 54mpg @ 65mph.

Car is located in Metro Detroit. PM me for any other details... I will post pictures. Interior is like any other stock Cruze.

Comes with all stock parts and any other spares I have...

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NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! My (almost) twin Cruze is leaving the family!

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I'll trade you for my ls hahaha

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What you get :) if you don't mind me asking, car looks pretty nice except the side exhaust :\ lol.

I may or may not trade my car in December.. I love how i have bluetooth but no cruise control.

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Nice car. Wish I had already sold my Mazdaspeed 3 so I could come look at this and do more than "Tire Kicker" it.

Which dealership are you contemplating trading it in to?
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