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I've had my 2013 Cruze LS for about 6 months now and I've recently decided to start putting into money customizing it.

So for now, here is my list of what I want to do to the car:

- HID headlights with RVinyl blackout smoke tint cover, and LED tail lights with the same blackout smoke tint cover.
- Window tint
- 18" black or chrome wheels (currently on the stock 16" alloys and it makes me nauseous)
- Vinyl Wrap

Now I have a few questions regarding some of these:

- Are 18" wheels acceptable on a 2013 Cruze LS? I've tried reading around and most people say it's perfectly fine as long as you get good quality tires. If not, I'd probably just do 17's.
- Anyone with experience/knowledge of vinyl wrap, I'm curious to know what you think is the required amount of wrap for a full wrap and how the process usually goes regarding getting it installed by a shop.
- Does anyone know a good Pearlescent White Vinyl Wrap? The one I see is the 3M 1080 Scotchprint Satin Pearl White Vinyl Wrap - However, it looks kind of yellow in the picture. I want either a BRIGHT white wrap and I'd black everything else out, or a Metallic/Satin Chrome Blue wrap and I'd get chrome wheels.

I'd love to hear any feedback, answers to the questions, and recommendations regarding lights/tires/wrap/design.

Would also love to see your custom Cruze's so I can get a feel for something I may like. I'm currently leaning toward bright white wrap w/ everything else blacked out, or a slightly chrome blue wrap with most of the rest chromed out. Let me know what you think!
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