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Fiberglass Sub Boxes

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This is the same box that Xtreme was selling. He was helping me by doing the sales. He is no longer able to help so i will be answering any questions. I have been making this model of box for about three years. All of my boxes are hand made and have a warranty. I do have other boxes for other cars so share the website info with all your friends. I would prefer that you order from my website but i can take orders in pm. All payments go through PayPal. Intense auto werks
Custom made driver side fiberglass sub box. Sub doesn't come with the box

  • Approximately .7 cubic foot of interior space
  • Box comes with black carpet to match most trunks
  • Can be custom painted to any color for a extra charge
  • 8",10" sub will fit
  • 8" of mounting depth
  • Weight is approximately 15lbs
  • When ordering any box we need the model number of the sub that will be used in the box.

This is from Xtreme when he did a review of one of my boxes i sent to him.

The box is surprisingly sturdy. The thing is pretty much built like a tank, so I have no doubts that it will last people the entire ownership of their cars. Very sturdy and solid. Just need to work on a few convenience and cosmetic things and we'll be ready to sell a bunch of them.

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