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I'm a little hesitant to pass much judgement on the re-gap at this point...the re-gap may have helpt to the tune of 0.5-0.6mpg or so...not sure yet. Since I gotta start running the A/C, we may never know!
CoughGETATUNECough LOL. It's next.. you might get... 42 MPG!

LOL Yeah, sweating for MPG is just not for me. Though admittedly I don't use A/C if it is a short in town trip I just do windows down. But when you get on the highway, its best to just close the windows and get comfortable. I keep mine at 72-74 when its on.. not too outrageous. My DIC reads 40+ on the highway with A/C at 55 mph CC turned on!

But for comparison gman, my commute is official now since I started my new gig. I drive 17 miles to work, about 13 are on a 55 mph highway and at 6:30 AM I can set the cruise control at the speed limit. When my tank is fresh, I get DIC values of 38+. The killer is for my job I have to make numerous short trips during the day (all less than 5 miles) which drags it down.. but im still getting ~32 MPG per tank! So now you have to get the tune so we can compare!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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