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I filled up on the way home from work today....and finally managed to break 40MPG!
526 miles on 13.039 gallons = 40.34MPG (DIC estimated 42.6...about 6% high, which is typical...)

37.2 MPH average speed = ~57% city driving.

Not bad for an optioned out LTZ!

The only MPG "mod" on this one are Xtreme's advice on max'ing out the tire pressure to 44psi.
I don't use cruise control, and no A/C needed yet...highs are in the upper 70's/lower 80's here; lows are in the lower to upper 60's.
I am going to start logging the temperature at fill-up just to see what correlation the temperature has on MPG...should prove interesting.
Todays' temp at my fillup was a cool 67 degrees.

Hope to check my spark plug gap this weekend...will post findings later.
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