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Hey everybody.

I've been a lurker here practically since I bought my car due to the DIY guides and what not, but I'm finally registered now.

I have a 2015 Cruze LTZ with the RS package that I bought CPO with 13k miles on her. Wish I had known the tires cost a small fortune with 18" rims :).

She's just hit 120k miles and so far I've:
  • Replaced the driver side wheel well liner and most of the splash shield under the engine due to a fox running in front of me on the highway.
  • Replaced the driver side marker light due to the same fox collision...
  • Had my valve cover replaced under warranty because the regulator had torn...only to have it go out after roughly 5k miles.
  • Subsequently learned about the PCV issues and replaced the valve cover, PCV hose, and used the PCV fix v2 kit to modify my intake manifold, which finally solved my vacuum leak.
  • And now that the intake isn't leaking, I gained a nice whistling from the engine bay after about a month of driving that I thought I had narrowed down to the front crankshaft seal.
  • Replaced the belt, belt tensioner, front crankshaft seal, and harmonic balancer (because why not if I already have to take it all off).
  • Unfortunately still have the same whistling with the new seal...
So that's where I'm at today, ugh.
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