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DJSW sorry to hear about your flat! Usually tires are only flat on one side but if your wife hit a three inch piece of metal and killed the tire that just sounds like it is flat all the way around. Anyway as far as you're replacing those tires with Michelin Defenders I happen to like that tire and have them on my Cruze Eco. The Goodyear Assurance tires we're not bad but that's what they did. They lasted me about a good year then at 41000 miles I had to take them off and put on the new Michelin's. I have about 38,000 miles on the Defenders now and from the way they are wearing it is a very good possibility that I will make the 90,000 miles that Michelin claims they will last. I know I am probably being optimistic but I think I will get darn close to that number.

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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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