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How did you approach lubrication during your Cruze's first 10,000 miles?

  • Ran factory fill more than 5K mi., had potentially lube-related problem <50K mi.

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Ran factory fill more than 5K mi., now over 50K mi. with no lube related problems

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • Drained factory fill <5K miles, have 50K> now with no issues

    Votes: 7 70.0%
  • Drained factory fill <5K miles, had problems before 50K anyway

    Votes: 0 0.0%

First Oil Changes?

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A discussion over on Bob is the Oil Guy has me curious: in regards to oil, what approach did you take during the first 10,000 mi. on your Cruze and what's your engine's history been since?

I changed mine first at 2,000 mi. with Dexos syn. blend, then again at 6K and every 5K afterward with full syn. until I went to a 7,500 mi. OCI at 50,000 mi. At 72,000 and counting I've had zero repairs or questionable behavior from the engine, and oil level doesn't move between changes. What about you?
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I dropped the FF at 500 miles and went back with AMSOIL Signature Series 5w-30. Ran that for 8k miles. Can't remember the changes after that but now have 37k on it with no oil related issues.

I did have a PCV tube crack, intake replacement and valve cover replacement all within the past 3k miles.
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I did my first oil change around 2,500 miles but I've been running the factory fill for the entire 91,000 miles. I change it about every 6,000 miles (when the OLM reaches 40%). I've had two oil leaks - one was the oil pan gasket and the other the lower o-ring on the dipstick dried out and broke. Neither of these can be attribute to the oil itself.
I had my first oil change on my 15 CTD done at 5000 miles, next one was 7500 miles with Mobil 1 full Syntetic, and will do every 6000 miles here on out and probably just let the dealer do the oil changes, they do a great job and it is just easier and then well documented if there are any warranty issues. After warranty has expired I may change myself if I still own the car.

Car currently has almost 16k miles, and not one problem.
Dumped factory fill @ <3000 miles. Have changed every 6000-8000 miles on Mobil-1 (early) or Pennzoil Platinum/Ultra since. On the verge of 50K; no engine issues, no turbo issues, no leaks. Well, except when the PCV check valve went missing.
I'm having my first oil change done on my 2nd gen changed tomorrow, at around 3800 miles. Plan to use factory film from here out. Plan on changing every 3-4K.
Good stuff. Keep it coming and don't forget to vote if you're real close to or over 50,000 mi.!
Anybody else?
I did my first change at 6K miles. Used Pennzoil platinum full synthetic. Currently at about 23K. I am curious of the results of the poll, but it won't show them unless I vote, but not at 50K yet. Does anyone want to share the results so far?
Poll, opinions, recommendations, etc. What does your owners manual say or your dealer? Exactly what kind of oil are the OE's putting in a brand new engine? Some say the cheapest stuff they can find, others say what the owners manual suggests, Just broke in a brand new vehicle whether I wanted to or not.

Back in the old days, used a break-in oil, and if you changed it before 2,000 miles, would live with an oil burner the rest of its life, main reason was to break in the piston rings to get a good seal. Several Chevy dealers told me to use the oil life remainder for the first change, so left it in, was nice and clean even after 5k miles, but changed it anyway. Took a very close look at the filter, was nice and clean, contribute this to the latest robot machining.

With this new thing, not insisting on a full synthetic oil, but a blend, say to leave it in until 3,750 miles, but the real thing they emphasized was how the vehicle is to be driven for the first 500 miles. Keep the engine below 4K RPM, 3K is what I did, and avoid the interstates, sure can't vary your speed on these. So mostly town driving, maybe a constant speed for a couple of block or so, and used state or country roads if I had go the the next town.

Today, planning a 400 mile trip with 852 miles on this thing should be good to go, at 70 mph, engine is only running at 2,100 rpm, and with this car, OEM seems to prefer Quarker State, and the owners manual says okay to use the latest API-SN, so this is what I got. Been using Quaker since the beginning of time, but with the Cruze, switched to Mobile One because it had a dexos, label on it. Guess what, so does Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic Oil with a 2dexos label on it, and four bucks cheaper for a five quart bottle. And not much more than that blend stuff or even conventional oils.

Back then, was recommended you change your oil every 3K, with the Cruze, changed at 20% oil remaining with more like 8K miles on it, so on a cost of mile basis, a lot cheaper than conventional oils. With 4.5 quarts had a half a quart left over, poured that in another bottle for my small engines and put the old oil back in that 5 quart bottle, not quite 4.5 quarts, but darn close to it.

Yesterday, had to drive my wife to another one of her employer locations, 41 miles and they only allowed her45 minutes to do this, so had to push it at 72 mph and only got 41 mpg. But if I drove that same distance at 55 mph. average better than 48 mpg.

Same thing today, have to keep up with traffic or will be driven off the road, so only expecting 40 mpg.
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Call me old fashioned but I do my own, I use mobile 1 full synthetic high temp rated, I used my good ole from oil filter, I drain all the old I can, I pour a little new oil in the filter housing so in startup it's not running without oil till the sump can cycle through. I go a maximum of 4500 miles, if I come close I take the wife's car till I can find the time to do it. I know this oil retains viscosity for a while after that, all my miles are city miles so quick drives but at a higher load (stop and go) so I don't take my chances lol

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