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Turned out it wasn't the door panel like I thought. I could hear a bad buzzing sound at low rpm under load. Rough textured roads made it worse. It seemed to be coming from the passenger side front door panel but I could never pinpoint it.

It was coming from the cosmetic round center cover on the seat height adjuster. So if you have a buzz, check that out.

Also fixed a crack/tick sound from the center stack area of the dash. It's been bothering me for over a year. That one was coming from the 2011 center dash cubby. I had tried to remove that piece a long time ago but gave up after I couldn't budge it even after removing the retaining screws. I tried again the other day and found out you can't pull straight up at the hinge side. You have to pull up at the latch side and then the whole thing slides toward you out of the dash.

Lame excuse for a thread but I hate rattles. After I fixed the tick/crack in the dash I realized I had been unconsciously scrunching up and wincing approaching bumps in the road. I didn't even know I was doing it until the tick/crack went away. The car is fantastically more enjoyable now.
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