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Fixed p0101 and p1101. Due to clip and throttle body ridge wearing down.

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Cleared p1101 and p0101 just by changing/replacing upper throttle body hose.
Was up Cruze talk, so Ive owned this car since it had 0miles, as time has gone by I’ve added magna flow exhaust,
custom air intake,
and a bnr throttle body spacer.
Just recently it has been giving me a problem. The upper hose that connects to the throttle body with a clip kept popping off of, causing me to get codes; p0101, p1101, p0299 and some oxygen sensor codes. I did see some wear and began doing some research on upper coolant hose replacements to steel pipes.. well considering that i dont got time and money for that. I did a quick little fix.

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It helped just temporarily...

So i did some cutting,
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and now no more check engine light, and car feels really good!!
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Nice work! I had the same issue, I think the BNR spacer moves the stock pipe up too much and contacts the underside of the cowl, slowly flexing and weakening the connection. I was in a rush when mine popped off so I found a new stock intake pipe and swapped it out while removing the spacer for the time being.

I had the same idea as you but I figured the plastic pipe would crush when I clamped the coupler to it, how did you solve that?And what exact coupler did you use?Inner diameter etc. I will probably do this sooner or later.

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