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Flashing help

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I just bought the ZZPERFORMANCE 1.0 tune because it was on sale for black Friday and was a major steal, I chose to tune it myself because I both wanted to DIY it, plus I couldnt afford the the rental tools. I just need to know Exactly what ill need to tune it.
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Did you pay a big core charge for their laptop and HP Tuner?

I see instructions here for using that stuff and returning it when done.
I didn't, ii said I have my own equipment to avoid that massive charge, I can come up with the stuff later but $25 for the total tune was too good to pass
You need to find someone nearby with an HPTuner
Anyone have a link for an hptuner, and whatever software I need to install stuff with, is the tuner the only thing ii need
I'd have to look at it again. But i think the hp tuner is what does the flash. And it's not cheap. Making your cheap project not so cheap. And the tuner already comes with the software. So, that cheap software you got. Was money wasted.

The hp tuner is around $650. Trifecta would have sold you their tune with cable included for $350.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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