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One of my uncles bought my cousin's Supra, which had a license plate bracket that had rotating lights, tied into the lights. He got pulled over by CHP, and cut the wires to get out of the ticket. My cousin and I were ticked, we had installed/wired it up the summer before. I went up there the summer after he cut the wires, my cousin and I rewired it, made it solid/all lights, and tied it into the brake lights.
Back in the day, truckers would get pulled over for having a clearance light out on their trailers. Those top and side marker lights are not all mandatory - there are plenty of extras - but even if one of the extras were out, the trucks could be stopped. Not sure is that's still the case today.

And with all the LED's being used, it could really suck. Imagine getting stopped for having one LED out in a brake light made from a cluster of 50.

I can't see it happening, given that nature of LED lighting where we sometimes see traffic lights with a few dead LEDs. So there has to be some tolerance for a few dead ones. But I can see some uncomfortable moments dealing with law enforcement as LEDs become more common.


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