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Flashing trouble warnings,readouts, hesitation.

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Left this a.m. For 2-1/2 hr commute. Service p/s lite came on momentarily. Once on hiway, noticed my scan gauge was dropping readouts. The display was staying on, but the numbers would blank out every three seconds or so. Then the needles on the instrument gauges would drop momentarily about every 1-2 min. Service p/s warning light would also come on most of these times as well. Noticed an engine hesitation each time the gauge needles would take a dive. On way back home more warning kites came on: abs, track control, and stabil trak. I pulled over and restarted engine , new warning lites did not come back on rest of trip of 20 mi. Original problem did continue however Guess another trip to dealer is in future to see if they can figure wtf is going on now. Also noticed when I pulled into garage that the flashing warning and needles dropping on gauges seemed to stop
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