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I Wish my ECO tire fix experience was good like yours was.... I was on the way to my friends wedding. The wedding was in an hour and i was 40 min away with a suit on in a completely gutted eco.... which btw felt really awkward... lol anyway, I was driving and got a bad flat from a piece of really hard plastic. I went to use the stuff and the second i plugged the thing into the cigarette lighter, the goop started leaking out all over my passenger seat, center console, and my dress pants, okay it was not latched correctly... im dumb my bad( watch out for this if you need to use it) BUTTT here is the worst part... the stuff would not hold the hole in my tire. Apparently it was a bad hole.... and a cop came because i was on the side of the road for like 15 minutes and He just looked at me and my cruze and shook his head probably thinking...this idiot is wearing a suit covered in this whiteish pasty slime, his interior is covered in this slime, he has a flat tire that will not fill at all, and a car that is totally gutted). I told the officer that i had to be at a friends wedding, and he asked if we wanted to tow the car. I told him that was not an option and he said he would follow me to the chevy dealership half a mile away. So i went 5 MPH with a cop behind me with his flashers on half a mile to the dealership.Where they told me they did not have any tires for the cruze eco. So they sent me to ntb another half mile away and i bought a new tire from them and missed the wedding ceremony, but i made the reception.

TL DR The fix a flat stuff does not work with bad holes :(
Starchy, not really trying to be a smarta** here, but no kidding. It never was designed to plug everything. It wasn't the cars or the sealant's fault, it was the piece of plastic's fault.
I do know what your saying, though. Worst case scenario at the worst time. Sometimes life sucks.
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