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Flickering LED footwell lights and non-working remote

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I just install som led footwell lights, connected to the dashboard ambient light, and having 2 issues:

1. The LED flickers at first (when opening the door). Stops once key is turned in the ON position.

2. The remote, or more precisely the reciever, isn't working.

If connected striaght to 12 V, like cigarette plug everything works fine including the remote/reciever.

So it seems it's a current issue, and I've read plenty of posts have dealt with this issue by adding af small resistor to the circuit.
Anyone has some input, on what I should try to before adding af resistor?

Measuring the voltage in the dashboard: 11.32 V
Measuring the voltage from the cigarette plug I get: 12.23 V

Seems like a small different but could be the issues. Anyone can confirm?
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I think the bigger issue is that the dashboard lights are PWM (pulse width modulated) so they can be dimmed/brightened. That's driving your controller batty. It's expecting to see a constant voltage.
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