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Floor moisture

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Hi all I live in Canada and as you all know we have harsh winters. I have rubber floor mats for my car but they don't cover the entire floor and sometimes snow collects around them and melts obviously. Will some water ruin my floors or is it normal? It's slightly damp under my rubber mats and wonder if I should buy bigger ones
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Over time it will ruin your floor. By over time I mean 15 years or so. No real way to avoid it, I have the weather tech mats and water will still slosh off the rear of the mat into my carpet.
The weathertech's do a great job of retaining water but after tracking snow in and having it melt I have a few ratty old towels on the tray to sop it up.
Otherwise, tomorrow morning, I'll have a miniature frozen pond on the fun to drive with your feet sliding about.

If you let too much water build up it will, as stated above, slosh to the rear and over the edge, defeating the purpose of the liner.

The carpeting has gone through a sealing process (it is nylon and is run over a hot plate to melt the bottom closed) and it is (in a perfect world) capable of holding water and not allowing it through and into the insulation and sheet metal floor below.

Floor mats that you describe only protect the carpets from heel scuffing and, as you found, tend to channel the water away from the pedals but onto the carpet........pointless IMO for those of us that track snow into the car.

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I keep a roll of paper towel to soak it up
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So I guess I should get some good husky liners or something? How much does it cost on average to replace factory carpeting anyways?
Also my universal ones don't do to bad I mean there are some occasional spots but when I lift the mat the carpet underneath looks clean and is dry for the most part, I just don't wanna have to replace them in the next 6 years or so
pull the mats (carpeted or plastic) up when its warm to let the carpet dry.
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