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Flowmaster axle-back finally back in stock (updated with install)

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I don't know if Holley waits until they have some orders banked up before they fabricate these exhausts, but the Flowmaster 817762 arrived today after ordering it back on Sept. 10. I'm not expecting any real performance increase, just wanting something better than the stock sound on my '18 RS Premier hatch. $478 all-in from
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There is always Borla and Magnaflow if you do not want to wait. I have a Magnaflow dual on my Gen I and I like the sound.
Well, Flowmaster left out a clamp to connect their exhaust to the factory system, but they quickly sent one and it took the crew at BTR about a half-hour to do the job. You have to cut the factory pipe. Before:



The kit includes the hanger and the dual chrome outlets, which are etched with the Flowmaster brand.


I do not detect much difference at idle and didn't have a very long drive home. Will have some highway driving tomorrow, but it did seem boomy around 3K, but isn't that a 4CYL sound? Not blatty or farty. Certainly louder than stock.

Note this axle-back is exclusive for the hatch with the RS package. Now I have to find a place in my garage to store the stock exhaust.
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Yeah, a bit boomy between 2.8k and 3.5k RPM. But isn't that what the volume knob is for? Just amazed the factory exhaust has such a u-turn in the muffler/resonator. This is certainlly less restricted!
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