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Fob Unable to Open Door Manually

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2014 1.4L Cruze
Recently my battery died and was unable to open the door manually with the Fob stem. Had to call road assistance to open the door. Normally, I opened the car with the Fob, and this works well providing the battery is not dead. I tried opening the door after replacing the battery but still unsuccessful. No other problem with the Fob except not able to open the door. I have 2 Fobs but unable to manually open the door.

Any suggestion to fix the situation will be great.
Many thanks, Shawn
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Note, the key wouldn't budge when insert into the lock cylinder.
Is the key in upside down, pushed in too far, or not pushed in far enough? I unlock my Cruze manually all the time. The lack of electrical power does not affect the manual lock.
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