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Fob Unable to Open Door Manually

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2014 1.4L Cruze
Recently my battery died and was unable to open the door manually with the Fob stem. Had to call road assistance to open the door. Normally, I opened the car with the Fob, and this works well providing the battery is not dead. I tried opening the door after replacing the battery but still unsuccessful. No other problem with the Fob except not able to open the door. I have 2 Fobs but unable to manually open the door.

Any suggestion to fix the situation will be great.
Many thanks, Shawn
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Is it possible there has been either a door replacement or fob replacement so that the key portion of the fob no longer is a correct match to the lock in the door. While the fob could have been reprogrammed to electronically operate the door locks, no reprogramming will help if the key isn't cut to match the cylinder in the lock.
If the key still works inserted into the steering column to start the car, then the problem might be in a mismatched door lock cylinder.
Have you tried some lubrication of the lock cylinder? powdered graphite or WD-40?
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