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fog lights and cigarette lighter

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Hi all,
the fog lights and cigarette lighter not working...i have checked the fuses of both...they are fine...
am i missing something ?
car is cruze 2011 1800 cc automatic
Thanks :)
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The fog lights are managed by the BCM. The cigarette lighter may simply have come disconnected in the wire connector to the actual port under the console. Pull the center console out and look. Even if the connection appears good then take a small flat head screwdriver and bend the connection back into place.

You can pull the center console out with these steps:

Carefully put the plastic trim up from around the shift lever. Unplug any wires connecting to the traction control button.
Pull both interior front kick plates off. These are clipped on.
Remove the bolts holding the front of the center console in place. There are three going down each side of the front of the console. Normally these are covered by the kick plates.
Push both front seats forward and remove the single bolt on each side of the back of the console. If I remember correctly these 8 bolts are 8mm hex bolts.
Carefully pull the center console up and over the shift lever and handbrake.

Looking under the front of the center console you'll see where the cigarette lighter plugs into the port. Remove the wire from that connector and bend the contact spring inside the connector (small flat head screwdriver will do this).

Plug it back in and start the car to test.
Turn the car off and reassemble the center console.
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