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What year is your vehicle? If it is still under warranty, I'd ask for a replacement if it is inside your cluster. Anyone else care to counter that as I have not seen this issue posted yet although I have not yet read them all?

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Cluster housings are not air tight.
All brands.....if there is a situation of high humidity (wet carpets) and a rapid temperature change, for example, a cold damp car pulling into a heated building, you will note the windows will fog as well as the lens over the instruments.
The glass fogging is easy....leave the doors open till the temperature equalizes.
The fog on the cluster though, remains. This is because there is hardly any air movement in the housing.
Usually a longish drive with the dash lights on will generate enough heat to dry things up....there is nothing to repair.

BTW.....I get this with every car I the winter, when I pull into my sons toasty shop to wash the car. Often so bad you can barely see the needles......usually cleared on my way back home with the heater on....maybe 20 minutes.


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It is an 11. I bought it without a warranty because I needed a car that very night didn't get time to crunch numbers to purchase a warranty. My civic was totaled in an accident. I bought the thing at carmax. I drive 64 miles a day round trip for work. But mostly night driving so the dash lights are on the he dimmest setting allowed. I've noticed the fog never goes away though. Even after the long drive to and from work!
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