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Foglight install gone wrong!?

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So recently I've opted to install some fog lights i bought on my 2011 eco. Got the lights themselves installed with ease, however the wiring harness i received was some aftermarket cheap stuff from china. I also bought a stock headlight / fog light switch, so i have everything - the wiring harness. I did however test the fuse box, where the fog lamp fuse was (#48, or supposed to be) and found that when the switch was turned on, The fog light icon would come up on my dash, but when putting a voltmeter on the fuse, it wasn't getting anything. I also looked at the point on the bottom of the fuse box, at least where it should in one of the tutorials, where you are supposed to stick the wire to the fuses, and it doesn't look like there's any contacts there at all... Am I missing something here? Is it possible the fuse box may be different on different ecos?
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Did you get to this point? (pictured)

If so and you can't get the wire to go in, there is a grey tab, slide it out and insert the wire. Then reseat the grey tab.

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I wasnt able to install the harness because my kit came with an aftermarket one that didnt have the right wires. I did, however, put a voltmeter to the #48 fuse and noticed I didnt have any power to it at all. Is this because the wire needs to be installed first? I was just confused, because it came stock with a fuse already in place, but no power to it, even when I had the switch turned on.
Depending on the year , some cruze needed a bcm reprogram to have the relay become active.
I think the circuit needs to be completed for that fuse to see power. The OEM harness grounds out on the chassis nearby the fogs.
Ahh ok, that makes sense. So just wondering about the stock harness, does it just consist of the two bulb plugs, a ground wire, and a wire to the fuse box?
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