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For the mechanics, any spot for these type Block Heaters?

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In addition to these "freeze-plug" style,.there are many diff sizes of pipe and machine thread heaters.

Anyone know a spot to heat coolant directly?

Doc frost plug heater: Automotive

a cheap timer
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There are two frost plugs on the front of the block, but they are completely obstructed by the exhaust manifold and turbocharger. That whole contraption would have to come off to gain access, and even if you were able to install them there you would have to get real creative to shield the wiring from the heat of the exhaust and turbo.

Short answer, NO.

I'm working on getting a thermosyphon tank type heater installed. If I figure it out I'll post my findings.
Here is linkage to some lower radiator hose units. engine hose heater: Automotive

and some tank type. I had one like the 3rd one engine tank heater: Automotive
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you willing to deal with the CELs?
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