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I started using Fuelly with 78 miles on my car. I have also tracked it with the DIC and the Torque application. Torque is always 1 - 2 mpg low and the DIC is always 2 - 5 mpg high. If you fill up at the same pump and use the same steps when you fill up it is hard to get that hand calculation wrong. I have put almost 8k miles on my car since I bought it Feb. 21st and this has always been the case. I am not surprised though because this has been the case with every vehicle that I have owned with a mpg calculator on it.

Another thing, I reset my trip2 each time I fill up and trip1 has never been reset and shows the exact same mileage as my odometer and my trip1 mpg is almost 39mpg over the 8k miles. You can look at my Fuelly and see that I have never been close to 39mpg and over 20 hand calculations like that you wouldn't be wrong every time.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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