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What do you mean by tapping straight into vacuum line?

I disagree. The more I drive it the more I like it. Tonight on the freeway and around town the car felt very strong off the line (I put green spring back in), after each shift and well into the boost. I've noticed the boost comes on much faster than stock BPV. Even though it only gets to ~20psi it gets there quick. I personally like the noise because you can't hear it all the time inside the car unless you turn the stereo off (and if you don't have a noisy boost gauge like mine) then it's all good. In the SRT-4 you can hear it over the stereo with the windows up and the heater running.
I'm not sure where you get the idea that these are junk. Look at Forge's website, they make a lot of custom parts. They might not be HKS, AGP or [insert name brand here] but IMO it's a quality product that simply needs a different set of springs specifically for the cruze. The product is solid, nice looking and isn't hard to install.

Anyone who knows anything will know right away what the noise coming from under my hood is.

I'm still going to try the yellow spring with a direct tap into vacuum and see what happens.
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