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Forti USA Benz style tail lights

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I got these in a couple days agonizing a rush after work, but have been to busy to post it. They're by no means plug and play. My original plan was to quick splice into all the stock harness wires so I didn't affect resale(and the fact I work at a Chevy dealership as a low level tech and last thing I wanna do is work on another car after 11 hours of doing so all day but I didn't mind as much because it's my car and I love these lights), but I'm having connection issues. So I have to go back in and solder everything and cut out the factory harness'. Also threw in some LED license plate lights, but anyway if this gets enough likes and interest I'll do a write up and I'll also post a couple more pics of the blinkers, brake, and reverse lights.


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Well, got those soldered over the weekend at work and took some pics.

1st pic is of what the connections looked like before I soldered them:

2nd pic is of the stock harness I cut out:

3rd pic is the wiring after it was soldered and the 4th is of it all cleaned up(pass. side):

and the 5th pic is of the passenger side when it was finished:

now for the wiring, luckily I saved a lot of time by looking at another write up on the forums to figure out the stock wiring and what goes to what so here we go:

Drivers side harness: driver tail light: Pass. side harness: Pass. side tail light
-grn/wht reverse blk/wht reverse yllw/wht brake Red brake
-black ground blk ground brwn/gray running grn/wht running
-yllw/gray brake red brake blue/purp turn yellow turn
-purp running green running Blk ground blk ground
-blu/wht turn yellow turn

and as for the lights on the trunk they are run off of the green and white wire running up my trunk lid its just a simple power(green) and ground(white) so the bigger tail lights power them

hope this helps some people out there if anyone has questions feel free to ask!

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I'll take some pics of the tail lights with the blinkers on, reverse lights on and brake lights lit up later today once it's a little darker. If anyone's interested where i found them they're on Amazon for 269.99$ and worth every penny even with the 3-4 hour long installation. Don't know if they're still the same price or even available, I've been looking for new tail lights for a while and never found any I liked until the day I found these which I believe are fairly new on the market, I have yet to see another Cruze with these tail lights and everyone at the dealership I work at like them and say it changes the whole car said it barely looks like a Cruze which is what I'm going for:joy:
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