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My mom has a V6 terrain (same thing). It's the 3.0 before they came out with the 3.6 in the Equinox and terrain but it has much better power and doesn't strain nearly as much as the 4 banger. It does okay on gas. The 3.6 (family friend has one) does much better. The sticker still says 23 highway but they consistently get 27-28 on the highway out of it and theirs is AWD loaded. Her lifetime average is 22.7 and she does a lot of city. If you take the V6 Equinox and terrain at face value, it doesn't look very good, but then you realize it's rated the same MPG (almost) as the bigger Traverse with the same engine and something doesn't add up. Not sure why GM elected not to retest the car with the 3.6 in it (which is the general consensus of what happened over on the Equinox and terrain forums).

I know a guy on that forum got 33.x mpg out of the 3.6 FWD on a round trip over 200 miles hand calculated. Haven't been over there in a while but I wanna say his lifetime average was something close to 30mpg

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