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Front bumper damage of CRUZE LS

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I just scratched off the tip of my front bumper on 2016 Cruze LS soo sick right now. One of the two little tip points at the very very bottom of front bumper..the best part i liked.. lol. Does the whole darn bumper have to be replaced for a 2 inch tip? Thanks in advance for all suggestions. I purchased my Cruze Feb 15 2016
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Welcome, wish it was in better terms. Do you happen to have picture(s) of the damage?
It's currently 3am here in Atlanta...I'll post pics as soon as the sun is up. I've been looking for a Cruze forum for awhile... glad i found one. But certainly not under these terms
I doubt very much the whole bumper needs to be replaced, based on such a small amount and area of damage. Any good body shop can fix this.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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