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Front crankshaft oil seal replacement, dealership error with oil missing

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Hi everyone,

I have a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze and a couple weekends ago, I noticed a whistling noise at idle after the car had warmed up on my way back home after a trip out of town. Shortly after, the check engine light turned on and the car lost power - it felt like the turbo couldn't deliver torque effectively any longer, so I figured it was a vacuum leak of some sort. I drove the car home and contacted the dealership I normally go to. They checked the car and replaced the camshaft cover and front crankshaft oil seal for free under my powertrain warranty.

When I went to the dealership to pick up the car, I asked them how much oil they needed to refill the engine with. I was told that they didn't need to add more oil into the engine because only air would've been leaking out of the engine. Since they worked there, I believed them, and I should've checked the dipstick myself before driving off.

Fast forward to this past weekend, I drive more than 300km out of town for a camping trip. On my way back, after more than 100km, the dashboard gives me an "oil pressure low" warning that disappears after less than half a second. I pull over and check the dipstick - no oil touching it. I checked it many more times just to verify I wasn't somehow doing this wrong, and I drove to the Canadian Tire down the street for a 5L bottle of oil, a funnel, and a rag. It took a little more than 3 quarts of oil to fill the engine back up to the appropriate level for the dipstick.

I drove home successfully and have noticed no problems with the car, but I'm hoping that permanent damage hasn't been done to the engine after driving it for 400km whilst it was missing that much oil. I've also called GM Customer Care today to file a complaint against the dealership. The agent told me that she'd write it up and get back to me.

This is the last time I trust a dealership tech, but I feel pretty dumb for just believing them and not checking myself before I took the car back.

So everyone, what do you think? I was hoping to put another 120,000km on it, but now I don't know if it'll go that far anymore. Maybe using Amsoil SS might make up for it? Hopefully if something manifests as a result of this, it'll show up before my powertrain warranty expires :/
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So yesterday I checked the dipstick and the oil is low once again! I looked under the car and I can see droplets of oil along the splash shield near the oil pan. Additionally, the bottom of the oil pan looks, well, oily. The drain bolt appears to be on tight though. Also see oil on the left of the engine along the belt.

I didn't have this problem prior to the front crankshaft oil seal replacement... Checked the oil recently before that was replaced and the level was fine.

I called GM, updated them on my file, and am bringing the car into a different dealership next week for them to look at it.

I hope they can figure this out.
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