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Front end vibration creeping back again

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Had the front axles replaced about 4 months ago and I can feel the vibration starting through the steering wheel and gas pedal. I dread taking it back again because they kept in ten days last time. I guess i'll wait till it really gets bad so I don't have to drive the repair guy all over the place trying to duplicate the problem again. On a good note I just averaged 39 mpg on a 1000 mi trip fully loaded.
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Hi Yates

Please let me know when you are ready to take your Cruze back to the dealership. I can assist you however you need. I also want to make you aware that GM parts and labor are warrantied so if the same part fails it should be replaced free of charge. I can also call the dealership and see about arranging a rental if they are planning to keep the car for an extended amount of time. Just send me a private message when you are ready to go in.

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