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So my car now has 12k miles on it and I got it in November of 2014. I've noticed that I have an obscene amount of paint that is chipped! There has got to be at least 20 different spots! A few of which are definitely noticeable from a slight distance without even looking for them. I've taken one long highway road trip and the rest is just normal driving. It's pretty frustrating that I buy a brand new car and the paint is this poor. My first Cruze I had(got totaled) had no where near the paint chips this one does, and my first one had way more highway miles on it! I also rarely drive on dirt roads and when I do, I literally do about 25mph to minimize chips and such. I feel like this one got a poor paint job or something...

I'm just super frustrated with how much paint has chipped off for such low miles. Does anyone else have this problem? Also where is the best source to get touch up paint?
Hello Dvan5693,

I can definitely understand your frustrations, and I truly apologize for the unexpected concerns involving the paint! If you need further assistance with this, and would like to bring this to the dealership's attention, feel free to let me know. I'm always happy to help the best way possible. Just send me over a private message with your VIN, current mileage, contact information and a preferred dealership.

Patsy G
Chevrolet Customer Care
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