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Edit: 57500 miles, 8750 Buy it now price, bid starting at 4000. Silver. Pictures are on the Ebay listing.

Quoted from my Ebay sale page:

"Priced to sell, this Cruze is in great condition. Amenities include heated seats, touch screen audio system, OnStar, remote start, and more. Being second from highest trim, this vehicle only lacks navigation and blind spot monitoring, as far as i know. Car was driven on a 60 mile commute almost entirely freeway since it was purchased as certified around 14k miles. Car has run nothing but full synthetic oil at the recommended interval. Garaged when not in use. Small blemish on driver side of front bumper. Car has been involved in one minor collision that resulted in no damage.
Shipping or pickup required for over 100 miles from seller, at buyer's expense and planning.
This car may have a small and efficient 1.4 L 4 Cylinder, but have no doubt, you have plenty of passing power.

  • Trifecta Tune: 93 Octane or E85(Buyer's choice) will increase available power at the flick of the cruise control switch. Cruise on: Eco mode. Cruise off: Sport mode.
  • K&N cold air intake
  • K&N washable cabin air filter
  • Led headlights
  • Led taillights
  • Switchback led turn signals(run as white, blink amber)
  • Switchback reverse lights(brake=red, reverse is white)
  • Plastidip wheels and spoiler(see photos)
  • Black head unit trim with a tablet mount
  • Led interior lighting
  • OBD-II Bluetooth dongle for vehicle diagnostics
  • Bosch #42 injectors
  • Stock parts included at buyer's request

Listing goes live tomorrow(7/27/17) at 10 AM PDT HERE.
Note: Link will not work until the listing is live.
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