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FS: Brake Shoes, oil filters, k&N filter, amsoil fluids

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Surrendered my car to Chevy so I have no use for any of these parts anymore
local pickup in the bay area, CA or will ship using flat-rate USPS
paypal goods and services only

1. AC Delco Brake shoes PN#1711101 - 30 shipped (brand new never opened/used)
2. K&N filter used for about 15k miles- 35 shipped
3. AC Delco oil filters unused x 4-5- 20 shipped for all (will check how many I actually have later today)
4. Amsoil tranny fluid - 2 bottles 45 shipped

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For clarification - is the AMSOil tranny fluid ATF (automatic) or Synchromesh (manual)?

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everything is OBO, would package everything into a flat rate box to save on shipping. pm or email at drewcandraw at me dotcom
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