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SMH please don't take offense but what possessed u to put $2500 wheels on a Cruze. Don't get me wrong they are nive wheels but $2500
Because he bought the car to make a show car, and he has the money to do so. Besides, you might see it as $2500 on wheels, but in the same sense thats $2500 invested into his car. Last time I checked I've put a decent $5-6,000 myself, and my to do list still has another $2-3,000 on it at least. There's no such thing as being "done" when it comes to modding your car to most people, others do simple, tasteful mods, but for others, there's always that next mod.

On a side note, if I had money coming out of my rear end to spend that much on a set of rims, I would buy these up, alas, I would rather use that money for coilovers and an exhaust lol. Good luck finding a buyer, you're gonna need it (unless Jakkaroo is looking into set #2 for his ride).
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