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So I've got these subwoofers that have been sitting for a few years. I had sent a pair to XtremeRevolution to have him build a customer ported box for a pair and that just hasn't happened. It's not fault of his, just life has gotten busy for us both. My priorities have changed and I want these to go to a great home. One of the pairs is currently with XtremeRevolution and he will be shipping his pair out. (Don't worry, I will pay him for his time to measure the subs as well as shipping them out to the buyer)

Below you will find the specs measured by XtremeRevolution. (

Please PM for the fastest response. Thanks!


Subwoofer Specifications:
Fs: 27.59
Qts: .325
Qes: .388
Qms: 2.017
Le: 2.000
Vas: 44.58 liters
Mms: 48 grams
Re: 6.055 ohms
SPL: 85.75db @ 1W/1M

can you drop price please ???
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