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Hey guys,

Last Saturday I finally took delivery on my Genesis Coupe, trading the Cruze in. I no longer need the LED tails for the Cruze any more. Let's face it, the Cruze has ugly factory tail lights right? I purchased these for $350 but the price has come down on them since. They are all wired and ready to drop in. I guarantee you don't not have to solder anything. Everything is professionally butt soldered, heat shrinked. There are several designs out there but these are by by the best looking LED tails

If you're familiar with these aftermarket tails they are not wired for our cars. It's complicated. The number wires are different, the colors different and even the layout. Factory reverse light is on the outer tail. On these, it's within the inner light assembly that's on the trunk. Took me several hours to figure this out along with a 12V power supply to figure out what is what. On the left hinge only is a wire harness normally. Here you will have a 2nd wire loom going up the right hinge.

I don't rate these to be in just good condition. I rate them as excellent. I will include some pictures for general reference. Once in, it looks 100% factory.

Buy with confidence. I'm located in Wisconsin. I can box them up Friday and ship then. Please PM me with interest. Price is firm at this time.

$260 + actual UPS shipping fee + paypal fee .. I think the price is fair since you won't have to hire anyone to do this or spend hours yourself figuring it out.



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