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Hey everyone,
We have decided to sell the TTR Solid engine mount. We have modified it to work on either the 1.8L or 1.4L manual/automatic trans models. Please let us know which tranny you have so we can switch the bushing to fit your model. What has been done: We milled the holes out .100" longer and turned the bushing around to fit the manual model. At first we spaced it out with a thick washer but it meant the engine mount was not fully engaged in the bushing, by turning the bushing around, we were able to cut back the vibrations by 20%. When we installed it on a automatic, the vibration was almost not existent. The reason for selling it, we are using a adjustable motor limiter instead that we fabbed up for ourselves.
If you would like pictures, please send us your email.
The mount has 400 miles on it. Some light scrathes from installations.

Price: $160 Shippped to anywhere in the US 48, add $30 for Canada and Hawaii/Alaska. This is a personal sale and will be through PayPal.

[email protected]
Located in North East Ohio
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