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Hey guys,

looking to get rid of my old headlights. Ended up going back to stock ones.

These will need a little TLC & will need new bulbs as the passenger side one was burnt out. I ended up swapping back to stock due to me likely trading in my car soon.

Only bad part is one of the mounting brackets on the drivers side headlight is broken off, you can likely use a big washer & bolt to secure if you want, but the other 3 mounting points are in good shape and will likely keep the headlight where it should be if you choose not to use that.

These will ship out in the Depo boxes you see in the pictures, so shipping will likely be $50-60 or so

I know this is my first post or so here as well, so here is a link to my heatware

Looking to get $150 + 50% shipping costs to your door.

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