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fuel filter and fuel system cleaning

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Hey guys, need some help! where can I find my fuel filter? And I want to clean my fuel system, anyone have a write up on that or a video? I have a 14 RS 2lt
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The fuel filter is not serviceable and is located in the tank as part of the fuel pump.

An annual bottle of Chevron with Techron fuel injector cleaner in a full tank of fuel will keep the injectors in fine condition.
Techron is the GM recommended F.I. cleaner.

Nice to have such a low maintenance car isn't it?


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Regular, effective and ongoing use of a Top Tier Gasoline as directed.

If not then Techron as Robby wisely counselled.

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I have never gotten better than 28 MPG highway since day 1, 2011 LTZ RS. I've brought it in more than once while it was under warranty. I waited about 10K miles figuring the engine needed to break in but it never got better. Dealer blamed it being the LTZ with 18" wheels causing more rolling resistance. I can believe that affecting MPG to a small extent, but not a 20% loss in MPG over a slightly slimmer tire. I was getting better MPG in my C6, and that has some very wide tires.
I'll be trying some Tehran. Having other issues right now though.
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