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Fuel issue

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2016 gen2 1.4 fuel pump issue? After haven the front end replaced after hitting something. The wife’s car decided to just die one day while driving and wouldn’t start. Let it set for a day fired up and wouldn’t make it a block same issue. obd2 scan stated fuel pump control module replaced with factory oem nothing changed. Decided to dropped the tank pulled the pump with key on nothing happening with the pump. Replaced the pump still nothing. Anyone else had this issue what’s my next step?
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You should scan it in order to get some error a starting point.
Additionaly you should check your fuel pump in the same time you try starting it...some ECUs, depending on car/engine model, powers fuel pump only when beginning to crank.
I cranked the motor with the pump in the tank and fuel lines off no fuel was present. It’s throwing a p018b code. I’m almost to the point of throwing sensors at it and hopefully it fixes it
First step would have been a test light to see if there's power to the pump which it sounds like there isn't.

Torque pro app has gauges for fuel pressure. Both high and low pressure pumps.

It's possible one or the other isn't working.

Fuel pump relay would be the next check.

I'm not sure what sensors, if any, would effect fuel pump.

Either the bcm or ecm might, though.
I called the dealership and asked for the relay part number and location after waiting all day for a returned phone call they said there’s no relay it’s in the module
It finally stopped raining and I was able to mess with it. The fuel pump wires have continuity from the module to the plug for the pump it’s self. I bench tested the pump with a spare battery works as it should. Fuel pump module has power in. I Replaced fuel pressure sensor just to make sure. Any idea what I’m missing I can’t get power to the pump.
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Today a buddy tried to prove the car had a fuse and relay in engine compartment he was wrong. I study wire diagrams this afternoon before doing so and told him what color of wire I was looking for that ran to the FPCM so he went shuffling wires in the bulk harness running into the cab and I be god **** it started up and hasn’t fail all evening still stuck there’s a short somewhere
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