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Fuel mileage loss, fix = clean the Map Sensor again.

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Fuel mileage loss, fix = clean the Map Sensor again.
I might just buy a couple of them and replace it every 12 months while cleaning every six months.
I have never had to do such a thing to any other vehicle I have owned. I have never owned a boosted car before.
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Shell V-Power Nitro, ULSD 15ppm or lower.
Arguably the finest diesel available on the North American market.
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No I mean MAP Sensor, (SENSOR ASM-MAP), also known as Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor. ACDELCO OE SERVICE CANADA

The MAP sensor converts engine vacuum/manifold pressure to an electrical signal so the computer knows how much load the engine is under. This data is the basis for fuel delivery and timing control. The MAP sensor is typically located in the air cleaner, fender wall, firewall, intake manifold or under the dash.

I am of the opinion that the MAP sensor is extremely important for our engine especially if you have a light foot like me. People with a heavy foot will notice a much smaller difference to start with.

I am thinking the place where the MAP sits should have been designed a little better so the soot would flow away from it, so it does not soot load so fast.
So where is it located on the LUZ engine?
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