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Fuel mileage loss, fix = clean the Map Sensor again.

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Fuel mileage loss, fix = clean the Map Sensor again.
I might just buy a couple of them and replace it every 12 months while cleaning every six months.
I have never had to do such a thing to any other vehicle I have owned. I have never owned a boosted car before.
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Did an oil change today. So I popped the top engine cover off. Removed 2 10mm bolts holding the bracket for the wiring, unhooked the wiring from the MAP sensor, and popped it out... Sensor is the one under the blue plug, disconnected

DISGUSTING. I used what was left of a can of Brake Kleen and reinstalled.

Now, since it has gotten cold, there's been a bit of a lag and low power in low RPM, low load situations. Kinda like going 35mph in 5th gear. It would take a half a heartbeat longer to downshift than when it gets warm. Since cleaning, there is definitely more low end torque. Cruising through town, no lagging.
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Based on several of the posts this blog, I pulled mine last weekend @ 51K miles and found it coked up worse then those pics posted here. Can't say that the fuel mileage was any different then when the car was new and haven't noticed any improvement since cleaning. But it sure looked bad suggesting it should be clean as a regular maintenance procedure which information might imply around 50K miles.

I change filter and oil every 5K miles using Pennzoil Euro L 5W-30, keep the air filter clean, use lots of diesel additive but here in Northern IL. I'm stuck with using fuel label as "<B20". So its hard to say the cause of the issue other then poor design / location of the MAP sensor.:sad:

Contrasting on my F350 6.0L PS the MAP sensor is mounted on the fire wall with a hose running back to the intake manifold. In 170K miles had to replace a defective sensor once but it was clean looking in comparison and never clean in the miles stated. This approach was probably too expensive for the Cruze application?:2cents:
I'm right there with you.

Where in N IL are you? I'm in Dixon.

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Just east of U, 88/39
Didn't realize someone was so close.

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