Chevrolet Cruze Forums banner now has the Cruze listed!

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Be sure to create a free account and add your Cruze!

I use this for my three vehicles (Trailblazer, CBR Race bike, and my VF1100C) to track mileage history, range, and yearly fuel costs. I also use it to find real world MPGs on other vehicles.
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I signed up too. Great looking site. I've been logging my mileage since 2005 on another site, but thought I'd join that one as well.

For people who don't log but are starting, the easiest thing to do is get a receipt every time you get gas and write the mileage at the top of it. It took me a bit of getting use to, but after a month or 2 it becomes second nature.
This is exactly what I do, but I use
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