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I use this for my three vehicles (Trailblazer, CBR Race bike, and my VF1100C) to track mileage history, range, and yearly fuel costs. I also use it to find real world MPGs on other vehicles.
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Is there an option on there for "High Banks at Daytona"??? Got 38mpg on WV backroads all week commuting, including two traffic jams in Mo-town for basketball games, and getting stuck behind three school buses one day going in to work. That's in the cruze.

1997 accord, 5-speed, dx-model, got me 20mpg and 8mpq (oil) on the same drive last 3 weeks, up until it threw a rod ... through the side of the engine block, the steering column, 3 layers of sheet metal, and into the left front tire and shock last Friday coming back from work. that 38mpg from a tank-fillup or from the dash DIC display?
Both agreed, +/- a negligible amount. I think it was reading 38.4 when I filled up on the dash display, and my math gave 38.1xxx off the filling station and miles driven, so I'd say 38's a safe, honest number.
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